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1st DINFAC proved itself with big potential and aim to become one of the biggest world's film workshops. There were 150 young participants from Korea and another 8 countries from Europe, America and Australia. They had formed 25 teams-film crews and during the workshop made (completely produced) 25 good quality films, 2-5 minutes long each. DINFAC results are telling everybody of serious intentions of organization team of DINFAC to fight for prestigious place on the map of world's media summer workshops.

University of media language once again, as so many times before, proved its efficiency! Engaged together on film production young people from all over the world showed absolute readiness for understanding. No matter how difficult for some of them was to communicate in English (official language of the workshop), they needed only few hours to make atmosphere of full cooperation.

Differences in every day habitations of participants and traditional, cultural and religious backgrounds worked for (not against) richer media expression involved in filmmaking in workshop. Perfect natural surrounding where DIMA is situated and hospitality just make fine addition to excellent conditions the College itself offers.

And that is not all!

There were perfectly organized for us sightseeing trips to some of numerous places of cultural - historical heritage of Korea. As usual, we believe to know a lot about others, but there is much left to learn. Some of the participant was invited to spend several days in Korean families and they got more complete experience about this wonderful country.

I do hope that this visit is only the beginning of great global project. I am personally wishing to organization team and all participants to continue in such a good manner and produce a lot of new films.

By Miomir Rajcevic